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Immune Mediated Problems and Vaccination  

A small percentage of Weimaraner puppies manifest an autoimmune reaction following vaccination with combination MLV (modified live virus) vaccines. When the immune system of susceptible individuals is challenged by multiple antigens it becomes hyperreactive and responds in the same way it would to fight an infection, fever, elevated WBC (white blood count) and inflammatory reaction of tissues and joints.

Although many puppies can be vaccinated with the combination MLV vaccines, there is no way at the present time to determine which pups are going to adversely react. Therefore, the Board of Directors of the Weimaraner Club of America recommends that when vaccinating puppies the Distemper and Parvo vaccines be administered separately, a two week interval between each vaccine. Any other vaccines should be administered separately as well.

While this vaccine protocol helps in preventing autoimmune reactions, it does not prevent it in all susceptible individuals.Excerpt from "The Weimaraner Magazine", Weimaraner Club of America.


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